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Bos Taurus: Bio

Hailing from Delaware (home to a few notable bands over the years, including Television and more recently, the Spinto Band), Steve Chesser rose to the top of his friends' iPod playlists in early 2007 with a handful of home-grown demos. Several months and lots of hard work later, Chesser completed work on a full-length album, titled It's Plain (released in late summer '08), and assembled a full band for live shows and future work.

Now, a few years later, Bos Taurus has grown up, and it shows. Featuring an excellent lineup of local Delaware talent, the band melds Chesser's indie pop sensibilities into a more various and varied sound. Its latest release, In the Sun (released on 4/1/2012), lyrically addresses the loss, disappointment and regret that life has offered up so far. But laid against a set of very strong (and of course anatomically correct) indie pop/rock melodies, this record is no downer - it rocks, pops and nearly knocks your socks off at the finish.

The new band members have contributed tremendously to the sound and feel of the band: Shawn O'Neill's (the Knobs) guitar work is reminiscent of that long-lost early-70s rock hero you can hear in your head but can't quite place. Sam Musumeci's (the Caulfield's, Mercy River, the Knobs) bass playing is both strong and musical at the same time. Phil Young (the Cocks, the Knobs, the Rubber Uglies, etc.) adds to his seemingly unending list of projects here by providing a great counterpoint vocal to Chesser's every-dude tenor as well as providing additional guitar/keyboard work along with that certain "je ne sais quoi" that no band should be without. Top all of that off with Heather Plank's breathy yet strong backing vocals, and what do you get? The new and improved Bos Taurus.

The lineup, from left to right: Steve Chesser (guitar, vox), Phil Young, (guitar, keys, percussion, vox), Sam Musumeci (bass, vox), and Shawn O'Neill (lead guitar) - missing from the pic: (Pete Romano, drums; Heather Plank, vocals):

Updated July, 2012